The Foundry Church | Brandee – 11/2/16
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Brandee – 11/2/16

S – Psalms 25:15 NLT My eyes are always on the LORD, for he rescues me from the traps of my enemies.


O – At first look, I thought to myself – I really don’t have ENEMIES like the psalmist may be referring to.  But as I pondered a little more, I realize that at times, I am my own worst enemy.  Me – my flesh – my thoughts – my worries – my laziness – my apathy – my mouth…all the things that, if I allow, will cause me to take my eyes off the LORD.


A – What would happen if, when my “enemies” rise up against me, I didn’t look at them – didn’t acknowledge them – didn’t get scared of them?  Just what IF i kept my eyes on the LORD – what would happen then?…


P – Lord, there are many times when I am tempted to look at something other than you… to see things on my own without filtering them through you.  Help my Natural eyes and my Spiritual eyes always be FIXED on YOU so you can rescue me from the TRAPS of my enemies. Amen.


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