The Foundry Church | Brandee – 11/16/16
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Brandee – 11/16/16

S –

Psalm 116:12 How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me?


O –

In my Full Life Study Bible the notes for this passage Say that Gratitude flows from he hearts of all those who have experienced salvation from the Lord; they will express it by their LOVE, LOYALTY, RIGHTEOUS LIVING, THANKSGIVING, and a firm resolve to obey the Lord.

If gratitude flows from the hearts of those who have experienced the salvation of the Lord, then my life should constantly reflect that saving grace. Gratitude is NOT for ME.  Gratitude is NOT really even for OTHERS.  Gratitude is how we repay (not that anything could compare or come close to what God has done for us) the Lord for his goodness to us!



When I begin to show my unending gratitude to the Lord for saving me and giving me new life… wouldn’t/shouldn’t that automatically overflow in my gratitude toward others?


P –

God, my heart is full of thankfulness and gratitude today.  I am ever aware of your mercy and grace in my life.  Help my life be a reflection of that gratitude as I express it through love, loyalty, and right living that only comes because of what you have done in me.  Amen.


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