The Foundry Church | Kim – 12/8/16
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Kim – 12/8/16

S-Proverbs 19:1New Living Translation11 Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.


O- Our Foundry 2.0 class was challenged to learn a Bible verse to support one area in which we each individually deal with temptation. We reviewed a list of “Put Off” (bad behavior) and “Put On” (new behavior) which are supported by scripture.  We have been teaching and learning about speaking the word out loud as a weapon against temptation, the method Christ used while He was tempted in the wilderness. He boldly replied with scripture with the temptations the devil was throwing at Him. So I chose “Put Off”- Easily Irritated 1 Corinthians 13:5 and began memorizing my “Put On” Not easily provoked Proverbs 19:11


I pretty much feel like I am sensible person and well grounded in the majority of circumstances I face. I can remain calm and take time to think about what has just happened.  But what I do know about myself is I struggle with wrongs when they constantly occur.  This is when I loose my temper and it becomes harder to overlook someone else’s behavior. The worst part is I usually lock that temper deep inside to look and feel as if I have control.  I know that I am not accountable for what they have done, but I am accountable for how I react. It still doesn’t make it right because my temper can lead to anger and unforgiveness and bitterness. The very things I want to avoid.


A- I have been memorizing my verse this week and temptation has come multiple times in many different circumstances.  God obviously knows I need a lot of practice. As I have been speaking the word out loud, God has given me some clarity.


The word tells me I HAVE CONTROL over this. We are not given control over much in our lives or in this world, but we have control over this. We all have the strength provided through the Holy Spirit to have control over ALL our temptations.


Personally, I need to recognize when something occurs, the very first time, and confront it. It is not healthy to keep it to myself and try to ignore by pushing it away, because if it happens again, not only will I get upset about what just currently happened, but my subconscious will allow the prior offense to rear its ugly head too. And then my temper is all out of whack.


Most Importantly, at the moment I’m tempted to loose my temper, I have to speak out this verse. Use it as the weapon it is provided for me to have control over my temper.


P- Lord, I am thankful that you have given me the word to use against temptation.  Please forgive me for the unhealthy ways I have tried to fight this temptation. By your strength and word alone, You have given me the ability to have control over the temptation to loose my temper. God, I love your patience that you have shown me and am thankful for the lessons you have been teaching me this week. In your gracious name, Amen!


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