The Foundry Church | Doug-10/31/18
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Meditate, Long, and Hope


Psalm 119:78-81 Christian Standard Bible (CSB)

78 Let the arrogant be put to shame for slandering me with lies; I will meditate on your precepts.

79 Let those who fear you, those who know your decrees, turn to me.

80 May my heart be blameless regarding your statutes so that I will not be put to shame.



81 I long for your salvation; I put my hope in your word.


This passage is part of my daily reading for today in the one-year Bible reading plan I’m going through.  Three words really jumped off the page for me this morning: meditate, long, and hope.


“I will meditate on your precepts.”  This is the act of talking God’s word beyond the casual glance over, deeper than the quick read.  This is chewing on it, letting it marinate, get into our spirit, continuing to ponder what we read that morning, looking for ways to apply it in our everyday life.  It’s going back and reading it again, maybe journaling on it.


I’ve confessed before that I’m not a very disciplined journaler (if that’s a word).  But, I’ve always got my cell phone in my pocket, so, I’ve started crafting emails to myself, using the voice diction capabilities of the smart phone. So when I stop to think about what I read that morning, I’ll open an email and start talking through what that scripture means to me in the moment.  It’s cool to check my email at the end of the day and see these personal reflections.


This act of “meditating” on God’s word does a lot for us… and two things it does we see in v 81 “I long for your salvation; I put my hope in your word.”  Meditating on God’s word stirs up a longing in our hearts for Him, and it replaces lies with truth, which gives us hope.


Mediate, long, and hope.  They all go together.



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