The Foundry Church | Doug-11/8/18
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Pant with Expectation

Psalm 119:129-131 (NLT)

129 Your laws are wonderful.

No wonder I obey them!

130 The teaching of your word gives light,

so even the simple can understand.

131 I pant with expectation,

longing for your commands.

With the ending of Daylight Saving Time, when we set the clocks back an hour, I decided to take this opportunity to start getting up an hour earlier than I have been. I want to develop a habit of spending time in God’s word first thing in the morning.

But as I read this passage of scripture, I realize its more than that. I want to “pant with expectation”. I want to long for Him. I want my love for Him, and my desire to be with Him to be what motivates me to get out of bed to meet with Him.

This is my prayer, for me and for all of us, that we would pant with expectation.

God meets us there.

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