The Foundry Church | Our Staff
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Our Staff

Shawn Webb – Lead Pastor

Born and raised in The Grove, Pastor Shawn has never been the “typical” pastor that most people expect.  Though he surprises most with his individuality, he remains a strong leader and visionary.  Filled with God’s heart for Garland, he strives to show everyone the love of Christ.  A very active guy, he loves to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, or maybe just go see a movie and hang out.  Pastor Shawn loves people, and is always up for doing something together.  Whether you are looking for a good friend to hang out with, or a man of God to ask advice of, Pastor Shawn is a true friend and strong mentor.  He is married to Brandee and they have a beautiful daughter Cassidee.

Brandee Webb – Worship Pastor

Blessed with a beautiful voice and a warm heart, Brandee loves to make sure that every space feels like home.  No matter the atmosphere, Brandee knows how to turn it into a welcoming place from top to bottom!  With a heart to see others grow in their relationship with Christ, whether you’d like a friend to share a cup of coffee with or you need direction and prayer, Brandee is always there for those in need.  Brandee and her husband Shawn have a beautiful daughter named Cassidee.

Doug Farris – Associate Pastor

Doug is fun to be around!  Easy going, relatable, friendly, relaxed.  These are just a few words that describe Doug.  But his most genuine characteristic is his heart for people.  He works hard to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and loved.  As a leader, he constantly seeks the face of God and His direction.  Doug is a great servant, a devout leader, and a valuable friend.  He and his wife Kim have two sons and one daughter in law – Caleb, Paul and Cassie.

Kim Farris – Ministries Coordinator

Kim is blessed with unending kindness.  One can’t help but be drawn to her because of her sweet spirit and caring heart.  She touches everyone with her great sense of humor and is always ready to laugh with friends and family.  Whether you need a prayer partner or a friend to share a joke with, Kim is happy to know you!  She and her husband Doug have two great sons and one incredible daughter in law.